About Us


Reliable Sheet Metal Works has been in business since 1926. Grandpa George Schade (1907 - 2007) had three sons, Art Sr., Bob, and Dave. These three ran the business together for many years and have all since retired. Today, their sons, Dan, and Art Jr. are currently running the business.

Simply put, past performance does indicate future results. With over eighty five years of reliable performance, we look forward to serving your needs into the future.



Reliable, it's in our name and in everything we do. We believe in a ground up approach to providing our customers with the most consistent service, quality and value possible. Every job, every person, every time. We work tirelessly to build a culture of personal growth, teamwork, pride, and accountability. When you believe that people matter, people begin to believe that their work matters, that their contribution to the team matters and ultimately their final product matters and has real value. This is what gives Reliable Sheet Metal Works the ability to provide your company with real value and the competitive advantage that your company needs to succeed.


reliablekidsIn House Experience

Reliable people, years of experience. We believe in providing a wide range of services all in house to help control customer costs, lead time and assure quality. Our team at Reliable Sheet Metal is dynamic, capable and united to offer your company the competitive advantage you seek.


What Our Clients Are Saying.....

"The ability to handle multiple complex manufacturing transactions; a work ethic that won't quit; their understanding and protection of [client's] technology; and their ability to turn around "rush" orders are the skills and qualities which first come to mind when I think of Reliable."
Cannon Pearson, COO