Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our experienced staff of sheet metal fabricators provide a full range of sheet metal fabrication services. We can work with a variety of materials, including: stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals and alloys. From jobs requiring complex forming, welding, assembly, and finishing to the simplest stamped part we look forward to meeting all your sheet metal fabrication needs.

We offer a full range of Sheet Metal Fabrication Services. Using a variety of processes we look forward to meeting your needs from the simplest stamped part to those requiring complex forming, welding, assembly or finishing.

With a wide range of materials stocked in house, we can work with you to control your costs, lead time and quality for all of your sheet metal fabrication needs. We can also work with you in obtaining any specialty materials your job may require.

From precision cut and formed titanium parts to heavy gauge mild steel structures and assemblies, our experienced craftsmen will meet your project requirements on budget and on time.


Wysong 12' 120 ton hydraulic press brake

Wysong press brake

With our Wysong 12' 120 ton hydraulic press brake, and selection of high capacity dies we can form your simplest bracket or your heavy structural plate and bar projects.

FLOW abrasive waterjet 60,000 PSI 6'x14' bed

Flow abrasive waterjet

Using our Flow 6' x 14' bed Waterjet, we can cut virtually any type of material ranging from metal, wood, plastic, and stone from thickness of 0.030" to 6" with precision averages +/- 0.005". We cut our own metal to ensure quality control and to keep price and lead times to a minimum. This "cold cutting" process guarantees no heat affected zone.

AMADA PEGA 357 CNC Turret Punch

Amada PEGA 357

Reliable Sheet Metal Works has multiple CNC punching machines. Our largest is the AMADA 357 PEGA CNC Turret punch, which is capable of processing full sheets (4' x 10') of material up to 3/16" thick. With 58 tooling stations, it is designed around efficiency and the running of high production jobs at a minimal cost to our customers.